Climate Forum —Montreuil— 5-6 December 2015

Call for activity proposals


As part of the People's Climate Summit, the "Climate Forum" will give us a place to discuss and exchange ideas about the initiatives, analyses and solutions being carried out by struggles around the world. It will also be a place for preparing actions planned for the 2nd week of negotiations and especially on 12 December.

This unifying time will be, above all, what participants make of it. Because it’s not just going to be about listening to climate change experts speak, but about, first of all, making the 5-6 December 2015 weekend a special moment for coming together on an international scale: as a central part of the citizens’ mobilisation during the COP21, the Climate Forum shall be a time to take first stock of the negotiations, envision what follows, and above all show en masse who we truly are, as peoples of the whole world, and that we have the solutions.

 What are the solutions facing climate change? What are the responsibilities of States and multinationals regarding the climate crisis? How do we keep North–South solidarity alive? How will climate changes impact our lives? What is climate justice? Will the COP21 be able to respond to the climate crisis? What are the strategies to construct an ever-renewing movement for climate justice? These are the types of questions to be discussed at the Climate Forum.

Alongside the World Alternatives Village and a big farmers’ market, the Climate Forum will turn the 5-6 December weekend into a people’s gathering, open to the greater public as well as activist networks, a festive and dynamic event.


Activities such as discussions, conferences, workshops, actions preparations as well as screenings and theatrical displays will all be a part of the Climate Forum.

→ If you wish to make a proposal for a stand or street performance, you can do so through the Global Village of Alternatives.

→ Don’t hesitate to also check out the Climate Action Zone’s call for proposals (7-11 December) to see which is the most appropriate venue for your proposal.


Important Information

  • Each organisation can propose a maximum of 3 activities, in order to keep the Climate Forum open to the largest number of organisations possible.
  • In case the number of proposals for activities exceeds our capacity in terms of rooms available, we’ll favour activities proposed and co-organised by multiple organisations, associations or collectives.
  • A financial participation will be asked of all organisations who carry out activities at the Climate Forum. The contribution price is:
    • to be defined
    • In case of financial difficulties, don't hesitate in contacting us.
  • We are putting the facility to provide interpretation services during the Climate Forum into place. Taking into account the financial cost that this will represent, a financial participation will be asked of organisations wishing to take advantage of interpretation for their activity.
  • Proposals for activities will be received until October 30th.


The applications for the Climate Forum are now closed.

A final program will be available soon.