D12: action consensus

On december 12th, we will meet in the streets of Paris for a day of mass mobilisation and actions.


Why on the 12th ?


While those who represent world governments will leave COP21 it is important to show that we're determined to keep on with our mobilizations, resistances and commitments beyond the COP. In order to build a just and sustainable future, we need to amplify, strengthen and multiply our movement. It should enable everyone to find his or her place, especially those who are already affected by climate change.



We want to have the last word


We will proceed throughout the day with calm and determination, with a spirit of construction and resistance.


We are the ones we've been waiting for


We belong to very diverse organisations and collectives. This diversity is both our wealth and our strength, and we hold it dear. We all pledge to respect this action consensus, which is the guarantee that we will care for our diversity and thus strengthen our movement.


We're here to last, we are the solution


We are mobilizing to build a liveable, sustainable and just future. Some of our actions might target symbolic places or buildings. We won't deteriorate anything. We will only use non-violent and pacifist methods and tactics to show our determination, but won't contribute to escalation. We are committed to guarantee the safety of the people that will be on the site of our actions. Through our presence, our mass and our cohesion, we will show that we are the solution.



We strive to build a sustainable and just future


We will oppose any attempts trying to use our mobilisation for reactionary, nationalist or violent goals. We are building on decades of struggles and mobilisations for climate justice and stand with the global movements for the climate and transition; and we stand with all of those who fight against any form of domination and injustice.