Last week of September, the final push before COP21

On the 26th and 27th of september, a lot of organisations kicked off the final run for the December mobilisations. From french mobilisations with the arrival of the Alternatiba Tour in Paris, the Transition Day and the FNE events to international mobilisations such as the Global Day of Action launched by Greenpeace, the Coalition was calling on all people concerned about climate change to join this key moment.


Quick round-up of the events planned this week-end




This weekend, thousands of people in more than 30 countries took action for a just transition to 100% renewable for all, to demonstrate the solutions to climate change and to confront those that are holding us back.

Thanks to everyone who participated and supported this massive long weekend of Action!


It's inspiring to scroll through the seemingly endless stream of beautiful activites that took place. Here are a few examples:


There were hundreds of activities from the Climate bike parade and the big Alternatiba Festival in Paris, to This Changes Everything Movie Screenings on a coal power plant in the Netherlands, in the Philippines, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, to renewable energy festivals in Indonesia and Finland, to bike rides in Greece and Bolivia, to photo opps in Austria, in 40 cities in Germany, in Luxembourg, Denmark, in Poland, in Canada, in Slovacia, Czech Republic, Greenland and Russia, to renewable energy mobilisation in 22 cities in Spain to Solar Selfies in Africa, to local group activities in Argentina, in Australia, in Brazil, in Chile, graffiti in Belgium and street activities in Sweden to only name a few examples.

Together we created a massive social media wave with thousands of posts and tweets resulting in the hashtag #ActionsForClimate to trend in several places such as Italy and Sweden during the day.

This is only the beginning - Let's take this momentum with us to the global November 28-29th climate marches to all the Paris and Dec 12 mobilisations and far beyond.