Peoples' climate summit

Over the 5th and 6th of December weekend, join the People's Climate Summit in Montreuil.




Hundreds of actions, debates and initiatives will be organized by civil society, both French and International, in and around Paris during the whole two weeks of the COP21. But this weekend will see the greatest concentration of debates, workshops, screenings and presentations of concrete alternatives in the face of climate change. This “People's Climate Summit” will take place in Montreuil, a lively working-class town just outside the East of Paris.


Highlights of the Peoples’ climate summit


Saturday 5th at 12 pm : in the streets of the Global Village Alternatives


Saturday 5h from 5pm to 1am : concerts at “la Parole Errante” and under the Global Village big top


Sunday 6h from 4pm to 6pm : closing meeting at « la Parole Errante » with :

- Naomi Klein,  journalist and Author of "This Changes everything"

- Txetx Etcheverry, spokesperson of Alternatiba
- Badrul Alam, Via Campesina, President of the Bangladesh Krishok Federation
- Kumi Naidoo, director of Greenpeace International.
- Juliette Rousseau, spokesperson of the Coalition Climat 2



The Summit will include: 


  • The Climate Forum which will give us a place to discuss and exchange ideas about the initiatives, analyses and solutions being carried out by struggles around the world. It will also be a place for preparing actions planned for the 2nd week of negotiations and especially on 12 December.

    This unifying time will be, above all, what participants make of it. Because it’s not just going to be about listening to climate change experts speak, but about, first of all, making the 5-6 December 2015 weekend a special moment for coming together on an international scale: as a central part of the citizens’ mobilisation during the COP21, the Climate Forum shall be a time to take first stock of the negotiations, envision what follows, and above all show en masse who we truly are, as peoples of the whole world, and that we have the solutions.

     What are the solutions facing climate change? What are the responsibilities of States and multinationals regarding the climate crisis? How do we keep North–South solidarity alive? How will climate changes impact our lives? What is climate justice? Will the COP21 be able to respond to the climate crisis? What are the strategies to construct an ever-renewing movement for climate justice? These are the types of questions to be discussed at the Climate Forum.




  • In parallel with the Climat Forum, a "Global Village of Alternatives” will introduce participants to concrete alternative solutions, both local and international, for climate and social justice. Available spaces will be divided along different overall themes (environment-friendly housing, energy, food and agriculture, transportation, finance etc.) and will be filled with hundreds of stands hosted by people who have concretly implemented these alternatives. This Village also intends to be a friendly, participative and lively space thanks to performances, concerts, shared meals etc. For more information, visit the website of Alternatiba.