The World Social Forum a key step in international convergence for climate justice

The Climate 21 coalition gathered a large international meeting before the WSF in Tunis in order to strengthen dialogue amongst the international movement for climate justice.


World Social Forum (WSF) in Tunis the 23rd and 24th March 2015


The Climate 21 coalition gathered a large international meeting before the WSF in Tunis in order to strengthen dialogue amongst the international movement for climate justice. Working among other things on the basis of a project and agreeing on the key date? for the mobilisation. Against policy inconsticency and governments lack of ambitions the major struggle remains of winning a global, national and local battle around climate change. This could be achieved by massively mobilizing? Citizens and by making our demands and claims being heard. 

In order to set in perspectives the gatherings planned in France and worldwide for the COP21 several planned events have used the lessons learned from the big gatherings in 2014. More precisely the March of the People for the Climate last September in New-York and the Peoples' Summit for Climate Change in Lima for the COP20.

To illustrate a few of the many initiatives of this year concerning climate justice several actors presented their actions: “Run for life” a big race from Norway to Paris; the “Reclaim Power” campaign carried out by Friends of Earth among others; the women assembly in several African countries; the Belgian Climate Express; campaigns for stopping investments in fossil fuels etc … All of these campaigns share the will to raise awareness and mobilize more and more individuals showing the power of citizens as a trigger for changes and for questioning our current model of development.

These actions set the coalition in building a global movement for climate justice: Paris will be a key stage and an opportunity to build a citizen movement able to bring changes. Against the possibility of negotiations failure in Paris, we must already think about 2016 in order to build momentum after the gatherings in Paris. The schedule of gatherings emerging from collective work must be set at the margins of the official COP schedule in order for the COP to strengthen the climatic movement. Whatever the official outcome of the COP21 be we must ensure that governments do not rejoice over a text that is neither ambitious nor legally-binding.

Works continue for the coalition before the next international meeting the 13th and 14th of June and taking into account suggestions made in Tunis: the complete integration of the voices from the “Global” southern countries, the need of a systemic changes of energetic model, the urgency to adapt many countries already facing climatic disturbances and the call for a massive mobilization for the ecological transition and climate justice.

Until June 2015 the coalition will work on concrete proposals for gatherings, you will find below the call for mobilization of the coalition for 2015:

30th and 31st of May: 1000 climate initiatives, let's denounce the people responsible of climate change

26th and 27th of September: week-end of actions on citizen solutions and initiatives in France with a big town “Alternatiba” in Paris

29th of November: decentralized mass gatherings in world's capitals

During the COP21: increase in gathering number, open space for civil society (alternative summit)

12th of December: Mass gathering in Paris demanding our powers as citizen and building the way for the next steps in the global fight against climate change


Translated into english by Lionel



Global Social Forum in Tunis: Coalition Climate 21 : spearheads initiatives to protect the climate 


A Coalition Climate 21 workshop was held on Thursday 26th March, at the Global Social Forum in Tunis, in order to introduce an international audience to this forum of converging interests for rallying people on a national and international level in the context of COP21.

Attendees came from France and other countries and from a wide variety of backgrounds: young people, trade unionists, representatives from international solidarity organisations, social and farmers’ movements, etc. Boosted by the diversity of all those involved, the Coalition wanted to make this workshop a time to share different initiatives to protect the climate this year and beyond in order to achieve a social and ecological transition.

After a brief presentation of the Coalition and of the main demonstrations decided on during the international meetings on 23rd and 24th March, the floor was given to sponsors of initiatives that are in keeping with the spirit of the Coalition’s grassroots activism. This was the case for the Alternatiba movement which organises villages of alternatives throughout France, in a positive and friendly spirit, to confront the social crisis and climate change, in particular in Paris on 26th and 27th September. The topics cover all local issues where public action is a force for change (agriculture, economy, transport, housing, education, etc.).

Young people attended with WARN (We Are Ready Now!), which is organising the COY (Conference of the Youth) in Paris in November by stressing their commitment to expand this forum for young people beyond the experts on climate negotiation in aid of greater diversity in discussions and participants. The young Belgians from Climate Express presented their initiative for rallying 10 000 Belgians to come to Paris from Belgium for COP21 by train, bus and bike, reviving activism in their country.

It was also emphasised how important the involvement of workers is in discussions about climate change, with the participation of trade unions, like Solidaires, and of Grassroots Global Justice. The latter defends travellers’ communities, indigenous peoples and people of colour in the United States in aid of social justice and towards an ecological transition, the same people who rallied in vast numbers for the climate march last September in New York.

A representative for regional coordination at Action/2015 in Latin America and the Caribbean stressed the urgent need for real solutions for “sustainable” development and for adaptation in regions that already count many communities directly affected by climate change and fuel poverty.

Finally, many members of the Coalition agreed on an agenda of mobilisation that targets those responsible for the accelerated changes in the climate, i.e. both states and the multinationals, with direct actions (rallies at the multinationals’ headquarters) or through legal action and advocacy.


Invitation for a Strategic meeting on mobilization strategies on the 23rd and 24th of March, in Tunis 


Strategic meeting on mobilization strategies on the 23rd and 24th of March, in Tunis


Dear all,


The French platform « Coalition Climat 21 » brings together close to 100 French organisations – environmental and development NGOs, trade unions, social movements and local groups. It was established early 2014 to serve as the mobilization coordination space in the run up to the climate conference that is taking place in Paris in December 2015 (COP21). It’s a French platform but aims to coordinate with international networks to plan for mobilizations around climate change in the run up to and during COP21, in France, Europe and across the world.


The Coalition organised a first international strategy meeting in Paris last August with 200 participants from different continents. It proved very useful in bringing groups together, taking stock of what they were thinking, where there was consensus to move forward on, what decisions required further work as well as strengthen a common mobilization thread and narrative. Since, a number of discussions took place on the Coalition’s international mailing list, on teleconferences organised by the Coalition, as well as in Lima in December 2014 with the help of the Peruvian mobilization committee. See attached the finalized call to action which includes key mobilization moments in 2015.


As a coalition, we have identified the need for the international movements and networks to meet face-to-face a second time to discuss mobilization strategies in the lead up to and around the Paris climate COP. The Coalition believes this meeting could help move forward on key questions on the shapes and intents of the climate mobilizations from June to December, and hopefully, beyond.


We have decided to host this meeting on the 23rd and 24th of March 2015, in Tunis, to benefit from the infrastructure and logistics in place for the World Social Forum taking place that same week. We wish to extend this invitation to all groups involved in and preparing for mobilizations on climate change in 2015 and beyond. We hope many of you will be attend or provide thoughts in advance of the meeting. A draft agenda will be circulated two weeks before the meeting for comments.


Please bear in mind that we are also planning for a 3rd international meeting on the 14th and 15th of June, in Paris, to continue building and articulating mobilization plans and strategies the run up to the COP in Paris.


Juliette Rousseau


Coalition Climat 21


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